Book Review. Strangers by C.L.Taylor

Avon Books €16.99

Alice is a middle-aged divorcee, a fashion boutique manager in a Bristol shopping centre and lives with her adult daughter.  A blind date set up on Tinder goes horribly wrong and there are dangerous consequences.

Gareth is a security guard who works in the same shopping centre in Bristol. He lives with his mother who has dementia and is effectively lost to him. Until she actually does become lost, slipping out of the house alone and not turning up anywhere.

Ursula is a courier who used to be a teacher. Suffering from PTSD, she has developed a habit of shoplifting, mostly in the fashion boutique where Alice works. And Ursula’s new landlord is more than a little odd.

The lives of all three strangers will converge towards the end of this novel in a dramatic finale. And there’s a creepy afterword too.

The plotting here is second to none and, unlike a lot of thrillers doing the rounds just now, this one is authentic and completely believable. There are no cool clean heroes, everyone’s flawed and when these characters’  lives are interfered with, the police react as they normally do towards ordinary people in trouble – they’re not too lively. Each character must figure a way out of their own particular mess, but the way in which those messes become entwined is extremely clever. Strangers is deserving of the praise it has received, it’s an excellent psychological thriller. Fans of writers like Liz Nugent will love it.

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