Book Review of Wulfie: Stage Fright by Lindsay J Sedgwick, illustrated by Josephine Wolff

Little Island €8.00

In the first book of the Wulfie series we meet Libby, a neglected and underloved little girl, living with her absent-minded scientist father, her cruel stepmother and an appalling bully of a stepbrother called Rex.

Rex delights in making life difficult for Libby and when she’s not doing endless chores she stays in her bedroom, trying to keep out of Rex’s way. It never works, though. He torments her every single day.

One night she decides to pluck up the courage to open an old trunk that’s been lying about in the house for years and years. Rex has Libby convinced it’s full of old skeletons, but when she overcomes her fear and opens the trunk she finds a purple wolf called Wulfie – or Wolfgang Amadeus Rachmaninov The Third, to be precise. Wulfie is a magic wolf. But to say any more would be to spoil (although there’s a stage production of the Three Little Pigs in the story, you know that fairytale about the pigs and the wolf? Nuff said).

This delightful book, aimed at children of 6+ years, is both a hoot and a fable about overcoming our fears. Superb illustrations from Josephine Wolff (no relation) throughout the text are charming. The whole package is charming.


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